Imagine yourself floating weightlessly in total darkness and quiet, your mind drifting in complete serenity, and your body the most relaxed it has ever been. Floating can be described as the closest thing to being in space, with no gravity to contend with. Floating is like being in the womb before we are brought into the world. The pleasures and benefits of floatation are based on a revolutionary scientific approach called R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy). This is the deepest state of relaxation found on Earth and is only attained in the floatation tank.


Floatation Therapy

How does floatation therapy work?

The tank measures 4’ by 8’ and contains 10” of water saturated with 800 lbs. of medical grade Epsom salt. This solution provides buoyancy for the body, pushing you to the top like a cork, so you float effortlessly. The solution is set at 94 degrees F., which is perceived by the body as neither too warm nor too cool, and is the ideal temperature for floating.

Often people refer to floating as ‘sensory deprivation.’ The term ‘sensory deprivation’ describes areas of scientific research that consider the effects of reduced environmental stimulation. These words are an unfortunate popular description because rather than depriving our senses, floating reduces the excess stimulation and over-stimulation and sensory overload from busy schedules, lives and worries. So a better term to define floating is ‘Stimulus Reduction’.

Sanitation and Hygiene of the Tank

We have a high-powered pump and filtration system that is the same quality as those used for Jacuzzis. We run the filter twice a day and after each floatation session. We have a high quality ozonator attached to the filter to provide a high level of sanitation. Ozone is effective over a wide pH range and rapidly neutralizes bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, and has higher germicidal properties than chlorination. We also use UV light as an additional sanitation method. The high salinity of the Epsom salt solution kills any bacteria, viruses, or germs, which ensures the safety of the floating client. In addition, our clients shower before and after floating.